11th October 2023 Confirmed Agenda

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10 am

Opening Address

10:05 am CIO Panel Discussion

CIO Panel Discussion: Building a Culture of Innovation

The mantra in today’s IT organizations is indisputable: build more apps faster. But it’s not easy. IT leaders are recognizing that their teams are shackled by legacy applications, the backlog has become unmanageable, and it’s difficult to remain agile with a growing portfolio of applications.

Key topics we will address with the panel are:

  • Application development priorities in the digital age
  • The evolution of IT automation
  • Where the disruptors are in your organization
  • How to control and exploit low-code for maximum benefit


Javier Trujillo - BBVA


Jose Antonio Pérez - Bergé

10:30 am

How To Add Value To An Enterprise Business: Technology Is Not The End

Technology is necessary to transform your company and add value to the business, but the road is not from technology to the business, it´s the contrary.


Unai Obieta Jimenez - Phone House España

10:50 am Keynote Session (In English)

Low-Code Magic: Faster Digital Transformation Is Now A Reality

Businesses globally are in a race to go digital. Still, industry surveys indicate that less than 20% of enterprises succeed with their digital transformation efforts—most struggle due to the high cost and time required for implementation and training. To address this pain point, enterprises are shifting towards low code development. During this session, we will delve into the impact of standard code on the software development industry and its growing popularity among developers. We will also provide an overview of the Zoho Creator platform and how CIOs at various enterprises have realized exceptional ROI


Meera Shaji - Zoho

11.20 am

Networking & Meet The Expert 121 Meetings

11:30 am Roundtable Session

Roundtable - Creatio & B Global Solutions Topic TBC


"Vera" means "true": una verdadera innovación social como catalizador de la transformación digital

Vera es la solución digital de Ingesan para la prestación de servicios de asistencia social. Su concepción y crecimiento se corresponde con el desarrollo de un modelo de intraemprendimiento colectivo empresarial que responde a nuestra estrategia de transformación digital en Ingesan. A través del caso de Vera, en esta sesión se describirá el modelo de innovación de Ingesan dentro de su marco de transformación, abordando las claves de la destacable rapidez y eficacia en su adopción e impacto en la empresa.


David del Río Vilas - Ingesan

12:20 pm

How Low Code And Agile Can Help The Companies To Save Money And Time

In the session I will try to show the advantages that I have found in my experience using both at the same time, with surprising results, compared to other applications that are much more expensive, rigid and above all, with a very high user acceptance


Javier Trujillo - BBVA

12:40 pm Roundtable

Roundtable: ABBYY Timeline, Low-Code/No-Code for Process

Data is the new black gold of the economy. That is why data and its exploitation are at the center of the digital transformation of companies.

The quality data exploited by business processes produce the real value of this transformation.

The more optimized the processes, the more value they create.

ABBYY Timeline simplifies process mining with a cloud-native, low-code/no-code solution, available as SaaS or "on-premise", with the best profitability and total cost on the market.


Alessio Angeli - Abbyy

12:40 pm CISO Edge Talk

How To Establish Effective & Functional Risk Management


Jorge Ferrer Raventós - OneTrust

1 pm

Networking lunch

2 pm CISO Edge Talk

Respuesta ante incidentes, que no cunda el pánico

Tener herramientas de ciberseguridad es importante, pero cuando tenemos un incidente, lo más importante es la gestión y saber comunicar el estado de situación. Las empresas son personas, no tecnologías


Francisco Javier Farfán Contreras - Restaurant Brands Iberia

2 pm

Data Driven Organizations - Democratization of Data Analysis throughout The Organization

If data is the new oil, if we found special power in those teams able to manage and decide based on that, we must make this available to the whole organization. the challenge is not only on the data side but on the skills of our people to manage and analyze data for their own daily tasks. Data visualization strategy (E2E process) can make a difference. I will talk about a real case implemented by my team in my previous company


Angel Cachon - Donte Group

Roundtable 2 pm

Roundtable - Low-Code: The CIO's Secret Weapon For Business Transformation

Low-Code platforms are faster than traditional application development because of their highly-abstracted nature of development. During this interactive roundtable, you will learn:

  • How IT teams can focus on complex requirements while retaining control over business teams and the apps they build
  • Why enterprises are choosing low-code to bring synergy between their teams
  • How you can harness the power of AI in Zoho Creator
  • What it takes to develop a scalable business app for your enterprise, along with a use-case


Ignacio del Val Alfaro - Pinout Solutions


Julián Vicente Page - Pinout Solutions

2:20 pm

Lleva A Tu Organización Al Siguiente Nivel Con Tecnología "Low-Code"

¿Puede imaginar el poder de transformación que tendría su organización si tuviera herramientas fáciles de aprender que pudiera conectar a cualquier fuente de datos, escalar de forma segura y sin código? En esta sesión veremos cómo, gracias a Microsoft Power Platform, podemos generar automatizaciones, aplicaciones móviles, cuadros de mando impresionantes o incluso generar agentes virtuales en cuestión de minutos. Todo conectado a nuestros datos comerciales. ¿Quieres verlo por ti mismo?


Miguel Llorca - Torrent Group

2:40 pm

Networking & Meet The Expert 121 Meetings

Roundtable Session 3pm

How CIOs Must Harness Diversity and an Inclusive Mindset to Build Cohesive and Successful Teams

As part of their leadership responsibilities, CIOs should leverage their influence and technology resources to take an active role in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. CIOs have a responsibility to use their position as digital business leaders to support underrepresented groups and meet executive commitments with action. A commitment to diversity and inclusion has got to infuse everything you do as a leader and will drive better outcomes as a result

Join this Roundtable to understand how to better:

  • Challenge existing thinking and mindsets on DEI programs and identify those areas where IT can directly influence
  • Understand what the next generation of IT leaders are saying about future IT teams and strategy, and how to build amazing cultures
  • Balance the push for organisational speed versus focus on your DEI goals and initiatives within the IT team


Cloud Harmony: Embracing Success, Avoiding Nightmares

This session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects to consider when scaling your operations in the cloud. Key Topics: 1. Cloud Infrastructure Strategy 2. Importance of a Strong Cloud Foundation 3. Cloud Governance and Management Join us and empower your organization with the knowledge and tools necessary to build a strong cloud foundation and unlock the true potential of the cloud.


Antonio Rodriguez Cordero - Ferrovial

3:20 pm

From Legacy To The Cloud In One Year

In my session, I will talk about the transformation I am making in my company to go from a legacy to a hybrid-cloud solution. I want to talk about an IBM i legacy system with many satellites built with Java and .Net and stand-alone SQL.Server database to a renovated DB2 database with an API ecosystem all in the back-end, and a front-end absolutely new developed over AWS solutions. All these changes with a set of cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 and SalesForce. And finally, I want to tell how we are building a completely ubiquitous staff without any dependencies on our physical offices.


Vicent Escorihuela Ferrer - Diners Club Spain

3:40 pm

Empowering the Healthcare System with Digital Health

At AstraZeneca, we believe that science and technology create the perfect combination to improve the lives of patients. Last years there has been exponential growth in the number of digital health apps in recent years, in addition, people have become more mobile-dependent. Digitalization and data analytics in healthcare are booming markets, which means that there are both multiple options and demands for digital, technological, and innovative healthcare services. This session will cover AstraZeneca's digital innovation approach, which translates into improvements in the lives of patients and their families


Jorge Pou Burgos - AstraZeneca

5pm CIO Edge Espana Closing Panel Debate

CIO Edge Espana Closing Panel Debate- The New CIO Mandate in an Increasingly Volatile Business Environment

Future CIOs must go beyond their usual focus on operational efficiency – they need to help businesses cope with macro challenges like geopolitical instabilities, new supply and energy disruptions, and significant economic uncertainties. They must also be critical execution leaders as lines of business and operational teams struggle with micro-challenges like changing client expectations and significant price instabilities in raw materials and labor.


Juan Manuel García Dujo - Cerealto

Networking Drinks & Event Close

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