Jorge Pou Burgos – AstraZeneca

Healthcare Innovation Director


Jorge is a strategist passionate about Innovation, Technology, and how the Digital revolution is impacting our lives and reshaping industries’ status quo. His professional career blends deep Innovation and Digital Tech expertise with strategic vision and business acumen. He currently leads the Healthcare Innovation team of AstraZeneca Spain, focusing on the development of innovative solutions for patients and HCP professionals.
3:40 pm

October 11th 2023 Agenda

Empowering the Healthcare System with Digital Health

At AstraZeneca, we believe that science and technology create the perfect combination to improve the lives of patients. Last years there has been exponential growth in the number of digital health apps in recent years, in addition, people have become more mobile-dependent. Digitalization and data analytics in healthcare are booming markets, which means that there are both multiple options and demands for digital, technological, and innovative healthcare services. This session will cover AstraZeneca's digital innovation approach, which translates into improvements in the lives of patients and their families