Meera Shaji – Zoho

Marketing Manager & Low-Code Developer

Meera is a low-code developer and developer relations manager for Zoho Creator who helps developer communities adopt low-code. She heads the Young Creators' Program (YCP) and works closely with the student and startup communities

10:50 am Keynote Session (In English)

October 11th 2023 Agenda

Low-Code Magic: Faster Digital Transformation Is Now A Reality

Businesses globally are in a race to go digital. Still, industry surveys indicate that less than 20% of enterprises succeed with their digital transformation efforts—most struggle due to the high cost and time required for implementation and training. To address this pain point, enterprises are shifting towards low code development. During this session, we will delve into the impact of standard code on the software development industry and its growing popularity among developers. We will also provide an overview of the Zoho Creator platform and how CIOs at various enterprises have realized exceptional ROI