CIO Edge EspanaMadrid, 20th October 2022
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Nuestro próximo evento, CIO Edge Espana, reunirá al mayor y más respetado grupo de CIO’s, IT Heads y tomadores de decisión de tecnología de Espana el 20 de Octubre. Tendremos más de 16 presentaciones, talleres y mesas redondas a lo largo del día dirigidas por los CIO’s más innovadores que están impulsando las iniciativas de negocios y tecnología para las marcas globales más exitosas de Espana. A medida que la pandemia COVID-19 se desarrolla, los Cios han enfrentado desafíos épicos y el camino a la recuperación aún está por venir. Para muchos líderes empresariales, la recuperación no es solo un retorno al estado anterior, sino un replanteamiento cabeza a cabeza del negocio-donde deben estar y como necesitan ser gestionados para crear resiliencia digital. En este exclusivo evento presencial, líderes de TI y expertos en negocios ejecutivos estarán equipados con las herramientas necesarias para gestionar y comunicar eficazmente sus prioridades de inversión y estrategias de implementación, con el objetivo de llevar la TI al ``normal``o mejor para nuestra nueva realidad que cambia a la velocidad de la necesidad del escenario actual.

Nuestros ponentes serán líderes de TI en el sector empresarial.


Hemos elegido el Hotel Madrid para albergar el CIO Edge Espana. Allí compartirás e intercambiarás información, accederás a contenido riquísimo y realizarás networking con todos los protocolos rigurosamente cumplidos para garantizar la seguridad de todos los participantes.


Tecnología empresarial, innovación en la empresa, IA y automatización a escala, gestión de datos para impulsar el éxito empresarial, estrategias avanzadas de captación de clientes

Charlas, Debates, Mesas Redondas, Workshops, Networking y 121 Meetings, podrán ser acompañados por los participantes durante toda la programación del evento.

Perfil de nuestros Panelistas 2021 & 2022

In 2019, SEAT IT repositioned itself and has since been focusing on the digitization of new business areas as well as on the digitization of core IT. For sure, digitization only works with a clear product orientation and the right mindset behind it, but not only within IT but also within the business units. Claudia will provide insides why agility should be a top priority and why an agile culture is key to successful business transformation.

During this session we are going to see how a big company like Nestlé is managing the necessary initiatives to explore new technology waves, like AI, in the frontier, trying to be prepared for the next generation techniques and tools. We'll review a couple of uses cases totally focused to solve a business problems but using not "standard" AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning.

Los usuarios de negocio deben ser capaces de acceder y utilizar sus datos, independientemente de su tecnología de almacenamiento. Y tú, ¿qué tecnología usas? ¿Sigues yendo al videoclub? La virtualización de datos es el nuevo Netflix de acceso a los datos. Esta tecnología es vital para “unir y usar" los datos desde cualquier fuente con facilidad y precisión. No te pierdas nuestra sesión para conocer las capacidades y beneficios de esta tecnología.

Technology and Public Administration. The classical and neverending story. How can be more and more innovative? How can we be better public servants through technology? Transparency. Open data, procedures, law, ethics, and motivation.

Active data governance gives organizations a competitive edge. Properly governed data leads to better data quality, increased data intelligence and more trusted data. In this session, we'll highlight how data governance provides valuable insights about your data, helping to create greater efficiencies across your entire organization.

Do you really know your processes? Where are the bottlenecks? How do those affect your customer experience? How does the information locked in the documents impact the whole process? Are your employees given the right tools to bring value to your business? In this session, Alicja Wolanczyk, Innovation Consultant at ABBYY, a leading digital intelligence company, is going to take you on a journey where you will see how to discover, understand, automate and continuously improve your processes. Thanks to the latest technology developed by ABBYY, she will demonstrate how organizations can use it to accelerate their digital transformation using a low-code/no-code approach.

In the increasing Data world, leaders agreed that the top driver of Data Programs is Decision Making enablement. It is followed by Regulatory Compliance and Digital Transformation enablers.All 3 top drivers are on the critical path to win the race in every economic sector. In this "Boost Business Value through Data Maturity" session, we will review how a digital Maturity Framework and its associated landing plan can definitively boost all 3 dimensions of this race.

Efficiency: Maximize R&D and IT productivity. Velocity: Accelerate speed to market. Security: Compliance without compromise. How to not waste time and resources maintaining toolchain integrations, create silos of tool-specific competencies, create "Data gaps" in integrations resulting in incomplete context and manual workarounds. How to avoid DIY toolchains that visibility into critical DevOps data that should inform decisions. They are also unreliable and inconsistent, prohibiting organizations from executing on decisions at scale without dramatically increasing risk. How to prevent security scanning processes from happening too late–if at all–requiring extensive rework as developers trace vulnerabilities back to their source and repair both the vulnerable code and other code changes built upon it.

Phase from zero to a way organized company that drive digital transformation in a sustainable way How to implement an Agile approach that works and everyone can understand What are the key elements to ensure we build a well aligned road map to drive results thru digitalization?

A complete journey through a company that initiates their digital Transformation process with a Digital Maturity Index calculation with a deep 360 analysis, to generate and drive the transformation roadmap. A process that involves strategy (management), culture (personas) and technology, the key improvement gear

The cloud is the driving force behind digital transformation but the full value gained from migration still includes intangibles that cannot simply be measured in dollars. This short presentation will take a high-level look at the importance of having a sound migration plan before starting a cloud journey. Along with a sound plan, this presentation will expose areas that require due diligence in order to understand the costs and returns associated with cloud migration and meet executive expectations.

The Problem: a weak corporate identity could result in the loss of confidence and trust among investors, analysts, customers, or other stakeholders, and could be potentially devastating to the long-term survival of a business. A strong corporate reputation helps protect a firm’s brand in times of trouble.

• Management needs to make the right questions before starting or continuing the digital transformation process • 7 points to cover to ensure a good transition • Cultural topic as a enabler for the disruption • Technical trends to consider as new technologies • Learning of a digital transformation journey

Disruptive session to see that technology is not as important as we think, it is "only" an enabler, never the solution. To extract value from data, exploiting very complex machine learning algorithms, every company needs to focus in something that has nothing to do with technology. Team work, correct mindset, end to end process, pragmatic approach.

In this panel debate will will discuss: How does an effective governance strategy give way to innovation efforts? How do you manage the tug of war between leveraging data and protecting it? What does success look like? ​ How do you identify change agents to help your data governance vision materialise? ​ Moving data to the cloud OR getting access to the right data to make better business decisions?​ Are you considering moving from governance in silos to a more holistic approach?​

In a world where the customer can reach your company through so many channels, Unified CXM offers a unified way for organisations to reach, engage and listen to customers in a centralized and controlled way. The path to end the chaos of point solutions and silos that are killing experiences. Integrated to legacy systems and powered by AI, Unified-CXM provides a single view of the customer fueled by data from across channels and departments.

As many other companies, the start for RPA is bumpy. As this technology is normally sold as simple as using Office, many departments within the company start to explore in it and suddenly, the company can have several technologies for the same purpose. Then the consolidation in a single CoE is necessary to define a governance. However, it is also necessary to keep the forerunners engaged giving them the possibility to continue implementing solutions and avoiding bottlenecks with a single delivery organization.

Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation are the perfect combination to leverage a company´s employees' creativity and know-how, offer them a good employee experience and take advantage of the ecosystem around the company (suppliers, customers, startups...) to perform incremental or disruptive innovation.

Empathy is a first need to humanize technology. How can a simple question: Can I solve most of our problems: how can I help you? How to ensure a positive impact? By Being in touch with human's feelings. Products are people too. If empathy is the starting point, it is also an attitude. Asking for feedback facilitates further development. It is a way to create a good relationship with the users. To make sure we are delivering insightful products.

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