CIO Edge Mexico Speaker Insights With Elizabeth Juarez – Head of IT Delivery Solutions at OXXO

 CIO Edge Mexico Speaker Insights With Elizabeth Juarez – Head of IT Delivery Solutions at OXXO

Our next CIO & CISO Edge Mexico speaker interview is with Elizabeth Juarez – Head Of IT Delivery Solutions at OXXO, Elizabeth will be presenting a Keynote talk themed “Accelerating The Delivery Of Software Solutions From The Ground Up Through DevSecOps”, CIOs, CISOs, and IT leaders can check the event agenda & reserve a free event pass here:

CIO Edge Mexico – Can you tell us about your current position and your team? As the Head of IT Delivery Solutions what are your main responsibilities? What are the main challenges in your work?

EJ – As head of IT Solutions Delivery, I am responsible for co-create, designing, building, and evolving the technological solutions to ensure our business goals. Even though my main focus is OXXO Mexico, we are also looking to leverage our solutions and capabilities with the International markets. We keep collaborating very closely with the heads of IT in each country in order to find opportunities for learning and speed up the delivery of value to our business. In terms of the main challenges, I would say that finding the right balance to keep the cadence of the delivery of new solutions and evolve current platforms to allow growing our business capabilities is a non-ending race.

CIO Edge Mexico – You have great experience in various sectors including Retail, Banking and financial services, Real estate, IT outsourcing, and Technology Consulting. In your opinion, which technologies are shaping the future across sectors?

EJ – Just this week I was reading about new 2023 technology trends and it seems there are a lot of common technologies that the industry is and will be using no matter if we are in Retail, Finance, manufacturing, etc. For example, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive, and advanced analytics solutions, are technologies that started to be used some time ago and just now we are seeing a top trend in how to adopt them to make simpler the processes and provide a frictionless experience to our customers. For me, the end game is to be able to have a holistic and systemic view of the business and IT sides to prioritize the changes in a dynamic and competitive world.

CIO Edge Mexico – Which prospective projects are you conducting now? Which business effects do you already have? How does the company benefit from accelerating the delivery of software solutions?

EJ – I think like many of the retailers we are in the race to digitalize our solutions and adopt the new agility in an end-to-end way across the organization. I can realize that most business initiatives have a big dependency on IT capabilities and solutions, so we have a big relevance to meeting business goals and becoming a business technology partner.

CIO Edge Mexico – Which technologies does OXXO prioritize in 2023?

EJ – I can’t talk about specific OXXO projects, but I would say that pretty similar to the rest of the industry: digitalization, agility, and data.

CIO Edge Mexico – What comes to mind when you think of diversity in IT?

EJ – Well, for me this is a new age full of opportunities. 25 years ago the IT areas were led by men and now we are seeing more diversity and inclusion not just in gender but also in race, ethnicity, age, etc. We are in a multi-generational ecosystem that allows us to look for new opportunities and build the future for the new generations. I am very proud to see how the world is changing and accepting our differences as part of the advantages to have an IT diversity team.

CIO Edge Mexico – What advice do you have for other CIOs, what do you find most effective for professional and personal leadership?

EJ – I am a continuous learner, I like a lot to find new things to learn on the personal and professional sides. This has been helping me a lot to be a better leader because I interact with people outside my expertise and many times, I learn new things or realize that I can change something in my personal life that could be extended in my professional life. The best thing we can do is to invest in ourselves, to drive our future, and always keep in mind that obsolescence is not an age matter but a mindset matter. Being aware of the new trends in IT and gaining knowledge of your business is vital for any CIO.

CIO Edge Mexico – What can the attending delegates expect from your Keynote talk at our CIO Edge Mexico event on the 31st of May?

EJ – I think the attending delegates could expect from my presentation to see how we as responsible for building & delivering software solutions can take advantage of new ways of working, in specific the develops as philosophy to make more lean and connect the dots between the software development-operations-security roles as one team to deliver a fast time to market experience to our customers.

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