CIO Edge Mexico Speaker Insights With Daniel Becerril López – CIO & COO At The University Of London

 CIO Edge Mexico Speaker Insights With Daniel Becerril López – CIO & COO At The University Of London

Our next CIO & CISO Edge Mexico speaker interview is with Daniel Becerril Lopez – CIO & COO at the University Of London, Daniel will be presenting a talk themed “The 10 Essential Characteristics For A CIO To Become An Organisational Strategist”, CIOs, CISOs, and IT leaders can check the event agenda & reserve a free event pass here:

CIO Edge Mexico – What are your main responsibilities as the Global CIO & COO of the University of London?

DL- Align IT strategy to business, Lead the technology strategy applied to Education and business, based on technology trends in the world, Provide the analysis of information necessary for senior management decision making, Provide the IT infrastructure to guarantee the correct operation and continuity of the business, Direct the strategy of the software developed and used for the operation of the Institution, as well as for the educational services of the organization, Guarantee the satisfaction and experience of customers (students, teachers, collaborators, and suppliers), Manage IT risks and information security, Direct the continuous improvement of the Organization’s processes, Participate in the decision on investment and budget assigned to IT in the company, Report to the CEO and the board of shareholders information on the trends and financial projections and results of the organization

CIO Edge Mexico – Which prospective projects are you conducting now?

DL- Increase in customer satisfaction and experience with the automation of customer response using robots and artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of the institution’s procedures and services towards 100% online services. Increase in enrollment and income of the Institution with the digital transformation of the business towards flexible hybrid services and the creation of systems that use AI to offer services attached to the consumption habits of customers. Implementation of predictive analytics systems that use AI to analyze business trends.

CIO Edge Mexico – In your opinion, which main technology trends and CIO challenges can you name for this year and what will be important in the next 3 -5 years?

DL- The use of artificial intelligence for predictive analysis of business trends, the use of artificial intelligence to improve business processes (always focusing on a humanized business), customer satisfaction and employee productivity, and the balance in the cost of using cloud services with high levels of security to protect information.

CIO Edge Mexico – In your opinion, which main technological trends are shaping education? Which will matter most to your business future?

DL- Education is transforming in 2 important ways:

1.- The use of AI complements and accelerates the teaching-learning process, so teachers, students, and the ways of educating must quickly adapt to this change, allowing AI to enrich education instead of hindering it

2.- The digital transformation towards a world connected online in real-time, which uses most of the information in the cloud, makes it possible to transform online education towards a flexible hybrid education that allows studying by making a presence and moving around the world at the same time.

CIO Edge Mexico – What are the keystones when building a successful Digital Strategy?  In your opinion, what is the end point of transformation, and what do you think are the key steps CIOs must take along the way to get there?

DL- I think that the key points to create a successful digital strategy are: Adequately communicating the strategy, taking care that the digital strategy is aligned with the objectives and needs of the business and that the strategy is focused on customer satisfaction and experience, as well as on the Growth of the company. Digital transformation must always be looking to the future and must aim at generating a more profitable business, with an enriched customer experience and guaranteeing the growth of the company over time with high-quality products and services. In my opinion, CIOs must have a very strategic vision so that the strategies implemented can transform the business and align with the expectations of the company, so CIOs must deeply understand the company and its risks before creating an IT strategy.

CIO Edge Mexico – What can the attending delegates expect from your talk at our CIO Edge Mexico event on the 31st of May?

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