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Opening Of The Conference

Creating Value Through Innovation In The Corporate World

Innovation processes remain as complex puzzles for companies, which often fail to control and standardize them due to their fundamentally human essence. Is there a method through which we can genuinely accelerate innovation without compromising the quality of results? Where does the line blur between human involvement and artificial intelligence in this domain? This conference aims to communicate the perspective of a select few who possess a deep understanding of how innovation can effectively operate within large corporations and organizations.

CIO Panel Debate: Are You Thinking Too Small About Sustainable IT Strategy?

Enterprise IT industry analysts expects that by 2027, 25% of CIO’s compensation will be linked to their sustainable technology impact.

But focusing only on the sustainability of internal IT operations (“sustainable IT”) is too narrow a way to think about sustainable technology.

As sustainable technology has the potential to facilitate new business models and tech-enabled products, how can CIOs make the right decisions when defining IT strategies with sustainability in mind and create an effective sustainable technology portfolio?

Join this Panel debate to discuss:

  • Understanding the business priority around sustainability, and what CIOs #7 IT leaders can actually control
  • Define your role in driving sustainability across the organisation
  • Evolving your teams mindset to drive momentum around sustainable initiatives

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Strengthening Business Resilience: Establishing a Cybersecurity Culture.

The conference will explore how to build a strong cybersecurity culture in companies. From promoting digital awareness to implementing secure practices, we will address strategies to engage all levels of the organization in protecting against cyber threats. We'll look at some relevant metrics, highlight best practices, and provide practical tools to establish a security-first culture, preparing organizations for ever-evolving digital challenges

AI The Journey You Need To Start Today

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. AI is rapidly transforming industries, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and customer service. But where do you begin? This session will demystify AI and guide you on the practical steps to embark on your own AI journey.

Coffee & 1-2-1 Business Meetings

Why Is It Harder To Innovate In An Already Successful Company?

When a company achieves business success, it is quite difficult to convince them to innovate. Why should we change our mechanisms that have proven results? However, nowadays, innovation is not an option; in order to maintain our figures, we have to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis

The Need For Operational Technology

Cyberattacks are everyday more sophisticated, and one of their targets are the production environments of the companies, lets get together and see how globally this is addressed, why it is needed and what are some best practices.

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Networking Lunch, Speakers & Sponsors VIP Lunch

CIO Panel Discussion:

CIO Panel Discussion: Delivering Business Value through AI Investments

As AI technologies evolve, the opportunities are pushing organizations into a new era of efficiency and competitiveness. CIOs and CISOs are creating comprehensive strategies that lead to business outcomes and prioritizes data security and privacy. Whether creating an in-house tool or looking at vendor platforms, now is the time to assess current capabilities and identify where AI can add value.

Join the Panel debate to discuss:

  • Identifying and aligning business needs and use cases for AI implementation
  • Zeroing in on the right AI investments for the organization
  • Assessing data security and privacy to fully harness the power of AI

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Innovation with Continuous Improvement: The True Path To Business Transformation

Innovation are original ideas that generate value, social or economic, in a sustainable way. Innovation is one of those words that is very fashionable nowadays, it is on the lips of many businessmen and leaders who tend to use it as an almost magical term to leave us somewhat surprised, emphasizing that all companies are called to manage it. If we take its literal meaning, it is nothing more than a change in an activity that will introduce something different, a change that will produce certain novelties. Put this way, we may get the impression that this term is not as technological and wonderful as it may seem, so we may ask ourselves what is hidden behind this almost miraculous word, why has it been converted into a kind of goal that we are almost obliged to reach, and if it has so much merit, why is it not considerably increasing its degree of implementation in our society? Innovation versus continuous improvement

Leadership in Innovation – The Correct Definition Of The Problem

We tend to solve a problem immediately, but this is not always the best, half of the decisions in organizations fail according to studies in the United States & Canada where 400 decisions in medium and large organizations were analyzed, this mainly due to not using good practices. in the definition of problems, and in many cases the lack of a correct definition of the problem can inhibit innovation.
We will talk about the inconveniences of jumping directly into action, we will understand why we do it and we will define some guidelines to avoid it.

Coffee & 1-2-1 Business Meetings

Digital Transformation: Navigating towards Success in Innovative Projects

What points should be taken into account when carrying out Digital projects so as not to fail in the attempt, based on lived experiences

Engagement In Technology Projects

Today we are constantly observing the turnover that our teams and especially the consulting teams that support us are facing. Increasingly, this phenomenon affects our projects and operations, generating the need to rethink the timing and scope of some of the projects.

 We must look for ways to involve our teams in projects that help them develop new soft and hard specific competencies, that help them grow professionally but at the same time keep them involved in the development of the company in which they work and consequently their level of belonging

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Networking Happy Hour & Pub Quiz Then Close Of Conference

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