CISO Edge Mexico Speaker Insights With Jose Carlos Herrera – CISO Central at Sigma

 CISO Edge Mexico Speaker Insights With Jose Carlos Herrera – CISO Central at Sigma

To complement our CIO Edge Mexico agenda on the 31st of May, our CISO Edge track also has a fantastic lineup of speakers & talks, our next speaker interview features Jose Carlos Herrera – CISO Central at Sigma, Jose will be offering his expert industry insights on our closing panel debate themed “Enterprise Security Is A Business Problem, Not An IT Problem“. CIOs, CISOs, and IT leaders can check the event agenda & reserve a free event pass here:

CISO Edge Mexico – What are your main responsibilities as the CISO Central at Sigma? 

JH- Contribute to the establishment of the Cybersecurity strategy in the organization, evaluating new technology, implementing solutions, and guaranteeing the correct maturity level of the platforms. monitoring of the services, Incident response, operation, and governance are the main responsibilities. 

CISO Edge Mexico – You are responsible for establishing the cybersecurity strategy. What are your main priorities in this field? 

JH- We have plenty of priorities at this moment, but the TOP 3 could be Culture, Governance, and OT

CISO Edge Mexico – Which prospective projects are you conducting? 

JH- Many projects, but as well the top 3 could be enhancing identity security, OT protection, and Classification of the Information 

CISO Edge Mexico –  How are you collaborating and influencing the organization and senior management to ensure their support in the Cybersecurity area? 

JH- Our Board of Directors is aware of the current situation that many organizations are dealing with. Currently, we have meetings where we share the main progress of the strategy in general, the main project’s status, and mainly the risks which require attention for their nature.

CISO Edge Mexico –  In your opinion, which main cybersecurity trends and CISO challenges can you name for this year, and what will be important in the next 3 -5 years?

JH- Culture will be a constant challenge, reaching each time more users and using different methods to engage users. The incorporation of technology and mechanisms can help the organization in automatizing processes, services, and operations, incorporating more analytics capacity, identifying faster response time to identify and mitigate a vulnerability, and adding each time more intelligence using machine learning and IA.

In summary, doing more with less is the most important challenge for companies. Each time more adversaries tried to obtain something from us with the incorporation as well of new technology and agile.

CISO Edge Mexico –  What can the attending delegates expect from your panel presence at our CISO Edge Mexico event on the 31st of May?

JH- It’s all about sharing experiences from other companies, from different industries and sectors about how the responses are dealing with cybersecurity. It’s always interesting to know more about those experiences and try to apply them or create they’re just to use them as a reference. 

CISO Edge Mexico – Thank you for your industry insights Jose, to sign up for the event clink below, to enquire about speaker or sponsorship opportunities for our events contact us here: