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• Innovative, goal-oriented and passionate Senior Information Technology Executive driving transformation and efficiency with over 20 years of strategic, operational and technical experience in the manufacturing, logistics and retail industries

• Active participant in the strategic planning of the business and alignment of the technology with it

• Skilled at scaling up the IT strategy, building agile IT teams, ERP implementations in global corporations, innovation and digital transformation, mergers & acquisitions, governance, management and business processes

CIO Panel Discussion:


CIO Panel Discussion: Delivering Business Value through AI Investments

As AI technologies evolve, the opportunities are pushing organizations into a new era of efficiency and competitiveness. CIOs and CISOs are creating comprehensive strategies that lead to business outcomes and prioritizes data security and privacy. Whether creating an in-house tool or looking at vendor platforms, now is the time to assess current capabilities and identify where AI can add value.

Join the Panel debate to discuss:

  • Identifying and aligning business needs and use cases for AI implementation
  • Zeroing in on the right AI investments for the organization
  • Assessing data security and privacy to fully harness the power of AI

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Revolutionising the Retail Customer Experience with AI and Digital Strategies

Question 4 : Proposed Speaker Session Abstract (No more than 150 words)
In this talk, we will explore how cloud platforms are revolutionizing the industrial sector by driving innovation and improving operational efficiency. We will examine the key advantages of adopting cloud solutions, including scalability, flexibility, and real-time data access. Additionally, we will discuss success stories where the implementation of cloud technologies has enabled companies to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making. We will also address common challenges and best practices for a successful transition to the cloud, as well as the future impact of this technology on the evolution of the industry. This talk will provide a comprehensive overview of how cloud platforms can be a key driver for competitiveness and sustainable growth in the modern industrial environment.