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CIO & CISO Edge Portugal

Join us at the CIO & CISO Edge Portugal event and discover how CIOs, CISOs, and thought leaders from Portugal and Southern Europe’s most influential Enterprise organizations come together to discuss delivering their technology strategy. This is an exclusive opportunity for leaders to hear from the experts, draw upon the collective intelligence of the region’s top CIOs, CISOs & IT leaders, and learn the next steps from peers on similar journeys, leveraging the enablement value of technology

On the 27th of March 2024 in Lisbon, we will showcase more than 20 presentations, workshops, and panel discussions that will be led by the most innovative CIOs & IT leaders who are driving business and technology initiatives for the most successful global brands in Portugal and Southern Europe. The event themes will be Sustainable Enterprise Tech, Generative AI, Industry Cloud Platforms, AI & Automation at Scale, Enterprise IT Security, Innovation in the Enterprise, & Machine Customers.

Enterprise Exclusive Event 

Learn From Portugal's Most succesful Global Enterprise B2B & B2C brands

Benchmark enterprise IT strategies, network with peers from different industries, share successes & failures, explore new trends, and meet new suppliers

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