José de Jesús López Iriarte – AstraZeneca

Head of Digital, Innovation & IT
Experienced in Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing & Innovation in different industries. He joined AstraZeneca Mexico in 2020, current IT, Digital & Innovation Director, and is part of the Senior Management Team, under his leadership AstraZeneca went through a huge Digital transformation, creating a new digital ecosystem, integration of new technologies such as AI & simplification: - Named the most digital influencing pharma by Expansion Magazine in 2021 - Named the most innovative pharma in MX by IT MastersMag in 2022 - Named one of the most innovative pharma brands by IT MastersMag in 2021 - Won a CIO 100 award for digital transformation and named one of the TOP 10 CIO leaders in 2022 International experience: worked with more than 30 countries, helping them accelerate, create, shape & implement their Digital transformation strategy. Education: Master degree in project management from Laureate International Universities (UNITEC) in alliance with the PMI.