Arturo Martinez Torres – Grupo Quimmco

Innovation & Technology Leader

Arturo is an Innovation Engineer from Monterrey, Mexico with more than 10 years working and studying with innovation processes for the industry. He is currently the Innovation and Technology for Grupo Quimmco, a mexican metalworks company with 1.2 billion USD of annual revenue. Arturo is certified in MIT's Iterative Innovation methodology and is orange belt in ISO56000, TRIZ, and other standards and methodologies. On the other hand he is an entrepreneur in the clothing business with Kalom, a top "Guayabera" company in the mexican market.


Creating Value Through Innovation In The Corporate World

Innovation processes remain as complex puzzles for companies, which often fail to control and standardize them due to their fundamentally human essence. Is there a method through which we can genuinely accelerate innovation without compromising the quality of results? Where does the line blur between human involvement and artificial intelligence in this domain? This conference aims to communicate the perspective of a select few who possess a deep understanding of how innovation can effectively operate within large corporations and organizations.