CIO Edge Mexico Speaker Interview With Alberto Alatriste, CTO T Systems, Gold Event Partner

 CIO Edge Mexico Speaker Interview With Alberto Alatriste, CTO T Systems, Gold Event Partner

In the build-up to our CIO Edge Mexico event on the 31st of May in Mexico City, we will be sharing some speaker interviews from our distinguished lineup of CIOs & IT leaders, first up is Alberto Alatriste, CTO of T Systems, Alberto will be presenting a Keynote talk at our event themed “Artificial Intelligence as a key pillar for industry 5.0″, CIOs and IT leaders you can check the event agenda & reserve a free event pass here:

CIO Edge Mexico – As the CTO of T-Systems what are your main responsibilities?

AA- Portfolio demand, strategic technology sessions with customers and alignment of findings with account teams, enablement of sales and customer success management teams on trends, updates, and new portfolio releases, collect feedback from customers regarding the portfolio services and new requirements to serve better to our Customers and market demands.

CIO Edge Mexico – For those that do not already know, can you tell everyone how T-Systems helps Enterprise businesses?

AA- We enable our Customers in their Journey to digitization, having their Business success as the center of our strategy, through a portfolio of end-to-end services, with global delivery capabilities consolidated in four pillars: Security as the base of everything, Cloud Services, Digital enabler, and Advisory, We deliver reliable and resilient end to end managed services in a sustainable way that enable our customer to focus on their own businesses and Customers.

CIO Edge Mexico – In your opinion, how the cloud, digitization, Industry 4.0, and IT security can help Enterprises in these difficult times?

AA- Times have been always difficult, those who realize this and have the capabilities to identify the opportunities are the ones who succeed, cloud services have democratized access to tools like analytics, AI, and High-performance computing among others, that were available for a few years ago, only for those who have enough financial resources to access to them in a dedicated way. IoT and the digitization of business processes enable enterprises of all sizes, also entrepreneurs to innovate and iterate emulations of business cycles in a virtual way beforehand, even without investing anything, as well as start small and scale as fast as the business opportunity demands.

The public availability of resources, and the high and growing capabilities to access and interconnect those resources, people, and businesses don’t come alone, they are also available for crime organizations who use these capabilities and tools to extend criminal behaviors that have existed for years and years, now to the digital world, identity, and intellectual property theft, information kidnapping, unauthorized breaking in, you name it, criminal activities also enhanced by digital capabilities at a scale that represents billions of dollars in profit. As in the real world, partnering with our peers and experts to fight against criminals, create awareness of the risks We are exposed to, and reduce and control the attack surface will maximize the investments in security.

CIO Edge Mexico – Which industries can benefit most from Digital and Cloud Solutions? What are the main benefits of implementing T-Systems solutions?

AA- I think the benefits of cloud and digital solutions aren’t restraining certain types of industries or enterprises, now and in the future, access to new technology is easier and cheaper than before, no more a strong financial arm is needed to develop new business models. As part of the Deutsche Telekom group, and our 25 years plus experience give us the capabilities to understand the needs of large enterprises. We know the mixed landscape of solutions they have, how to operate them, and also how to help them to define a journey to transform those landscapes to the modern available solutions in a secure and reliable way.

CIO Edge Mexico – How quickly can companies realize a return on investment from Cloud services?

AA- several circumstances influence the cloud services ROI, big mistake would be to attach the success of a cloud services project to a single criterion, like only cost reduction, at T-Systems we treat Cloud adoption as a journey, to the adoption of cloud services, partnering with our customers to recognize the combination of targets and criteria that serve better to their business, we support and enable our customers to identify and build the required capabilities to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services, selecting the right cloud, right sizing for their workloads and developing together a roadmap of stages to transform their landscape to an optimal state.

CIO Edge Mexico – What technological areas does T-Systems choose as a priority in 2023 for the Mexican and LATAM markets? What are T-Systems expansion plans for the Mexico/LATAM markets?

AA- Security as T-Systems Mexico becomes the main global delivery point for Security Services for international business at T-Systems International, Cloud Services, and Digital Services, with a focus on Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Transport (Airport), and Financial Industries, we support Mexican market and the global presence of our Customers, strengthening our position to become the first choice for the top large Enterprises.

CIO Edge Mexico – What can the attending delegates expect from your Keynote talk at our CIO Edge Mexico event on the 31st of May?

AA- a view of how AI developments are enhancing the progress from what we know as Industry 4.0 to the next revolution, developing a future centered more on people and how the technology serves to that purpose, in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Thank you for your industry insights Albert, to enquire about speaker or sponsorship opportunities for our event contact us here: