27th & 28th of April 2023,

Sofitel Mexico City Reforma, Mexico City


CIO Edge Mexico - Sofitel Mexico Reforma

The 2nd edition of CIO Edge Mexico, will bring together the largest and most respected group of CIOs, IT leaders and technology decision makers in Mexico City over 2 days, on the 27th & 28th of April 2023 at the stunning Sofitel Mexico City Reforma. More than 32 presentations, workshops and panel discussions will be led by the most innovative CIOs who are driving business and technology initiatives for the most successful global brands in Mexico. The event themes are: Enterprise Tech, AI & Automation at Scale, Innovation in the Enterprise & Data Management to drive Business success.

Visionary Speakers
Enterprise IT Themes
Keynotes, Case Study's & Roundtables
Of Mexico's most innovative CIO & IT Leaders in Attendance

Confirmed Event Speakers

Francisco Carro – Novartis

IT Country Head Mexico

Steven Ohannan – Citi

Digital Transformation Lead LATAM

José de Jesús López Iriarte – AstraZeneca

Head of Digital, Innovation & IT

Ahide Contreras – Citibanamex (TBC)

Mexico Head of Citi Technology Infrastructure

Elizabeth Juarez – OXXO

Head of IT Delivery Solutions

Alexandre Gomes – Sensedia

Director of Operations LATAM

Robin Mata – Johnson & Johnson

Business Technology Leader

Marcos Dias – Juniper Networks

Business Unit Leader LATAM

Daniela Meling – Unilever

Digital Transformation Lead

Juan Edgar Martinez Requenes – Organon

Business Technology & Automation Director

Miguel Angel Azuara – Stanley Black & Decker

CIO & IT Director Latin America

Isai Elia Salgado – El Palacio De Hierro

Director Of IT Security Operations


Shift your perspective on digital business

How you transform your business as technology, consumer, habits industry dynamic s change? Find out from those leading the charge.

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World is committed to making participation in the event a harassment free experience for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression

Opening Keynote - 09:00 am

Transformation During Disruption

- Organizations that will survive and go on to thrive as tomorrow’s leaders will navigate these turbulent times successfully by adjusting their business and IT priorities, objectives, and investments NOW.

- Managing IT budget strategy, the smart way
- How can you save more than $30mm in TCO at the same time you strengthen your enterprise software security
- How to overcome the skill gaps in IT


Pedro Martinez - Edenred

Keynote - 09:30 pm

Artificial Intelligence - A New Solution To Promote Early Diagnosis

With Artificial Intelligence gaining relevance each day, and its inclusion in the health care ecosystem it's opening new ways to accelerate & support patients & HCPs for early diagnose, the use of this technology is changing the way Health Care is moving forward.


José de Jesús López Iriarte - AstraZeneca

Case Study - 10:00 am

Relaciones con stakeholders. ¿Cómo recuperar la confianza?

Alguna vez sufrió la pérdida de confianza por parte de un cliente, ya sea interno o externo? ¿de un colaborador o manager? Estos tips nos pueden ayudar a reconfigurar nuestro camino


Francisco Carro - Novartis

10:30 am

How To Become The Owner Of Your Development Using The Technology At Hand

How companies can grow by upskilling and reskilling their workforce, the strategy around training programs, and how to make the community engage with them at the same time as growing in their careers


Daniela Meling - Unilever

11:00 am

Networking Break & Meet The Experts

Case Study 11:40 am

Intelligent Automation in the Supply Chain - Automatizacion Inteligente en la Cadena de Suministro

Intelligent Automation (IA) has changed the game in Supply Chain. Como to learn practical IA examples on how J&J has applied it to continue supplying 330,000 different SKUs, 600 mfg. partners in 30 countries, 100,000 orders to more than 300,000 commercial customers reaching 1.2 billion patients and consumers every day


Robin Mata - Johnson & Johnson

Case Study - 12:10 pm

The Future of Work: How Digital Transformation is Changing the Way We Work

Digital Transformation is rapidly changing the workplace, with new technologies and practices driving innovation. This presentation will explore the ways that digital transformation is transforming work from traditional models to new ones. We will look into key drivers, technologies, and skills needed in the future. We will also look at the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation presents.


Steven Ohannan - Citi

Networking Lunch 1 pm

Networking Lunch 1 pm

CISO Edge 2 pm

Human Cybersecurity: Human factor as the first line of the strategy

The new way of working, mobility, and the dilution of fixed limits on connections within a network have come to challenge information security. The traditional strategy of securing the perimeter is no longer sufficient, cyber-attack experts are not enough and it is necessary to focus once and for all on cyber defense as a concept and strategy


Mauricio Amaro - Grupo Avante Textil

CISO Edge 2:20 pm

How To define An Effective Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy In 2023

Many security leaders wonder how to define an adequate cybersecurity strategy for their company, however in 2023 attacks have increased exponentially and digital transformation becomes a challenge towards the definition and adequate implementation of a cybersecurity strategy. It is for this reason that we will talk about the relevant pillars to define an adequate cybersecurity strategy supported by the digital transformation of each organization, some points to discuss are: • CISO challenges in 2023. • Comprehensive ecosystem of cybersecurity operations • Regulations and compliance • Best practices and international standards • Support from senior management. • Cybersecurity awareness. • Lack of specialized resources in cybersecurity. • Budgets. The previous topics will be integrated into a comprehensive presentation that draws the viewer's attention and tools to design your own strategy.


Isai Elia Salgado - El Palacio De Hierro

Networking Break & Meet The Experts 3 pm

Networking Break & Meet The Experts 3 pm

CISO Edge Closing Panel - 5 pm

CISO & CIO Panel Discussion: Enterprise Security is a Business Problem, Not an It Problem

Creating and managing a secure organization is quickly becoming a business nightmare.

Increasing levels of automation have increased vulnerability to security breaches. It's not just the infrastructure that needs attention, corporations also have to deal with insider threats and human error, which constitute more than half of security breaches.

Employees need to be made aware of the appropriate security issues and policies that must be put in place. To what extent are companies prepared to face this challenge? Are they aware of the risks they face? Our panel of Enterprise Security experts will discuss these points and more.


Alexandre Gomes - Sensedia


Marcos Dias - Juniper Networks


Isai Elia Salgado - El Palacio De Hierro

Panel Debate

Enterprise Metaverse: The Next Paradigm Shift in Tech Space

Metaverse is the most talked-about space in the tech town nowadays considering its vast applicability to the Web 3.0 economy and emerging use cases across industrial or consumer space.

Our panel of Experts will discuss the following important Enterprise Metaverse topics:

• Growing enterprise adoption of Metaverse technologies and transformative use cases within employee (work/worker/workspace) and customer operations

• How enterprises in Mexico/LATAM are building strategies around the development and usage of Metaverse to introduce new revenue streams

• Supply side talent strength and emerging skill sets that will power metaverse experience and technologies

• Emerging Metaverse start-ups to unleash potential across newer use cases such as workflow improvement and brand engagement

• How Metaverse is impacting Web3 penetration and digital transformation acceleration


Case Study

Industria 4.0 o Transformación digital

Transformación Digital en la línea de producción, digitalización del 100% de la documentación en la línea incluyendo instrucciones de trabajo y videos tutoría les, automatización de las llamados de alerta por estación de trabajo tomando de base el sistema ANDON, emisión de alertas de calidad, mantenimiento, materiales, etc. registro de entrada & salida, registro de capacitación, interfaz con ERP, analíticos y dashboard gerencial, incremento del 10% en productividad y eficiencia


Armando Méndez - Kiekert de México

Case Study

Acelerar la entrega de soluciones de software desde el arranque a través de DevSecOps

Como integrar los controles de seguridad en el ciclo de vida del software desde fases tempranas, aportado mayor velocidad, agilidad y valor al negocio.


Elizabeth Juarez - OXXO

Case Study

IT Strategic Planning - Do's & Don't

Miguel will share some insights into what works best when doing IT Strategic planning and some lessons learned from his position as the LATAM CIO at Stanley Black & Decker


Miguel Angel Azuara - Stanley Black & Decker

Case Study

Leadership Attitude across IT functions for enhanced experiece during solutions and functionality delivery to the business.

The Information Technology area increases its participation in business decisions every moment, increasingly it is a fundamental part in the design, implementation and delivery of solutions to the business, this includes, improvements in use to end users in the use of tools seeking to be transparent in the experience. The IT representative must know how to communicate, motivate and enable the business, hence the importance of having leadership skills to make possible the start of solutions, have feedback, and be able to react by enabling and modifying technological solutions, supported by the business and the General Management, this will ensure success in obtaining benefits and return on investment made. None of these skills should be considered available, even having to be measured to know the level of the members of the IT team.


Juan Edgar Martinez Requenes - Organon

Roundtable Session

Enterprise and Data Management to Drive the business

Data as a value asset drives recent successful cases among several industries, IT as a business partner became a key player to provide data management tools that enforce, guide, and assure business áreas success


Gustavo Saravia - Univar Solutions

Case Study *

Flō Networks Case Study - Session Info TBC


Fernando Machado - Flō Networks


Steven Ohannan - Citi - Speaker Session Confirmed Soon


Steven Ohannan - Citi

Case Study

Citizen Development: Releasing the Power of Innovation through Low Code

Thanks to Low-Code No-Code, your organization’s business users (typically called “Citizen developers”) are now able to deliver solutions and experiences with minimal involvement from the technology organization. As organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey, enabling and empowering their employees, or citizens, will be the critical component of a successful transformation culture. Come and learn best practices to conform, train and deploy a successful Citizen Development Team in your organization!


Robin Mata - Johnson & Johnson

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