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1 pm Keynote

Mariana Di Luca – Kenvue

From Digital Transformation in Brazil to a Global Digital-First Approach: Unlocking the Power of 4 Strategic Capabilities

Transformation journey, which began with digital transformation in Brazil, then became digital first globally. Married to our capabilities journey, why and where technology brings the most value. With this you can talk about our 4 strategic capabilities, explain how we bring systematization, automation, analytics to each and corporate supply channel strategies, which evolve from local needs feeding back into a primarily global pipeline.

1:30 pm

Pedro Leal Noce – Itaú Unibanco

Innovation in Complex Environments

2 pm

Networking Break & 121 Meetings

2:20 pm

Marcilio Oliveira – Sensedia

Integrated and Composable Businesses. - AI, Finance, Retail. Enabling Digital Journeys With APIs

Embedded business appears in different segments, such as Retail, Finance, and is now gaining new dimensions with the use of AI, which has been safely unlocking data, enabling a more digital architecture. In addition to integrating, it creates real and scalable connections, monitorable and directly aligned with the business. In this talk we will bring stories of companies that use complete platforms to enable their digital positioning and solve much more than integrations.

2:50 pm

Rodrigo Abreu – Lojas Leader

IT and Cybersecurity Challenges in a Judicial Recovery Environment

I was challenged to take on the IT Management of a retail company undergoing judicial recovery with the mission of significantly reducing costs, reorganizing the team, motivating and at the same time implementing many projects from the new area managers who took on their roles in the same period as me. In a financially stressful context, budget discussions, which are naturally tough, become brutal. How can you get cybersecurity projects approved in an environment like this? I must obtain financing by my own means, through agreements and projects carefully designed between You and the Board. IT can propose structural change projects that require very little or no investment, but will provide significantly greater savings and negotiate at the outset that part of the annual savings will be reinvested to enable a necessary cybersecurity project or improvements. In this way, the path of cybersecurity is being followed.

3:20 pm Roundtable

iPlace Corporativo

Endpoint Security - From Integrated Resources To Implementation and Management With Apple.

According to IDC's "The Business Imperative of Secure Endpoints" in July 2023, IT decision makers named security as the top factor when choosing a device for their company. The same study reported that 76% of respondents believe Macs are more secure than other computers. With built-in features like hardware-based secure boot, antivirus technology, and full-disk encryption, your Mac is a safe choice from the moment you first use it. Understand how Apple guarantees market-reference levels of security on the Mac, combining robustness with a transparent and fluid user experience, with real cases from companies with zero incidents since implementing the platform.

3:20 pm

Marco Fontenelle - RIOgaleão Aeroporto

Innovation and Technology In Airports

What airports in Brazil and around the world have applied in terms of technology and innovation to improve the passenger experience, improve internal processes and asset management.

3:40 pm

Julio Signorini – CASA/SP Foundation

Digital Transformation (DT) as a pillar of the execution of Public Policies

How DT has played a crucial role in the improvement and effectiveness of the application of Public Policies for the implementation of socio-educational measures for adolescents in the state of São Paulo (Fundação CASA/SP)

4 pm

Networking Break & 121 Meetings

4:45 pm

Bruno Saab – Freshworks/UXB

How Freshservice Can Organize Your Company

Freshservice is a comprehensive and intuitive solution that will transform IT service management in your company. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, Freshservice offers efficient centralization of information, from asset management to workflow automation. Its integration capabilities, multi-channel support and advanced analytical tools ensure operational efficiency and an improved experience for end users. Plus, robust security and scalability make Freshservice a trusted choice for businesses of all sizes.

By adopting Freshservice, you not only simplify internal processes, but also improve team productivity, promoting a proactive approach to problem solving and ensuring continuous user satisfaction.

5:15 pm

Marco Bandeira – Coface

Data Management or Talent Retention

Currently Coface has became expert in Data management, helping companies to take accurate decisions to select their clients and suppliers. Therefore we have built a robust Data structure to foster agility and accuracy to deliver the right information to the market

5:45 pm

Antonio Carlos Rufino – Havanna Cafeteria

How Can Technology Simplify The Retail Business In Brazil?

The use of fancy tech is making things easier in the Brazilian retail scene. Cool solutions like cash register systems, inventory apps, and online shopping platforms are smoothing out the day-to-day and boosting how things run. Automation and digging into the data are key to figuring out what customers are into, letting stores do custom marketing, and keeping their shelves stocked smartly. Mobile payments and no-touch transactions are in sync with how people like to shop nowadays, making things quick and easy at checkout. Bringing in artificial intelligence and machine learning tech is helping stores predict what customers want even better. Having a strong online presence and plugging into the online shopping scene is broadening stores' reach, connecting them with a bigger crowd. Long story short, tech's smart moves are making retail life in Brazil simpler, pushing growth, and keeping things competitive.

6:15 pm

Marcel Vitorino – Continental

Exceeding results through Business Analytics and Actionable Insights

In this session we will talk about the Information Cycle, from Raw Data to Insight, and how to use Business Analytics to manage more assertively, generate added value, both for internal and external teams, as well as discuss the concept of Actionable Insights and how they positively impact resource optimization and maximizing results.

6:45 pm

Olsen Rodrigo Mott Silva - AmorSaúde Brasil

Innovation & Technology In Health

Embark on a journey into the future of healthcare through our speaker session on innovation and technology. Explore how cutting-edge advancements are revolutionizing patient care, from AI diagnostics to telemedicine. Join us for a succinct exploration of the transformative power of digital health, offering insights into the latest trends shaping the health industry. Discover how innovation is enhancing accessibility, improving outcomes, and creating a more connected and efficient healthcare ecosystem.

7:15 pm

Rodrigo Abreu – Lojas Leader


Adriana Moreira - Veolia Brasil


Marco Fontenelle - RIOgaleão Aeroporto

CIO Edge Brasil Closing Panel Debate- The New CIO Mandate in an Increasingly Volatile Business Environment

Future CIOs must go beyond their usual focus on operational efficiency – they need to help businesses cope with macro challenges like geopolitical instabilities, new supply and energy disruptions, and significant economic uncertainties. They must also be critical execution leaders as lines of business and operational teams struggle with micro-challenges like changing client expectations and significant price instabilities in raw materials and labor

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