09:30 am

Oscar Roberto Wolf – Procter & Gamble

Effective Management With Innovation From The Technical Areas Through Our Team

How to include a process like innovation as part of our DNA, how to use People-CMM to boost this process and how to combine powerfull sinergies with innovation to saw the seed of innovation in our teams.?

10:00 am

Gerardo Dall'Orso – Adecoagro

Presenting A Case Of NON Success - Can We Learn From Failure?

We are used to going to events where we always see success stories. At this point, my idea is to present something different, disruptive and challenging, called “NO Success Case”. The idea is to show how from a failure or error, we can learn and transform ourselves and others.

10:30 am

Eduardo Martinez – Raizen

Challenges of Digital Transformation in Energy Companies

What does Digitalization imply in eminently "physical" companies and what organizational challenges are exposed in this process

11:10 am

Networking Break

11:45 am

Claudia Marquesani – Petz

Topic: Women in IT : ESG UN2030 Agenda and Competitive Advantage for Organizations

The lecture will address the career challenges of women in IT, opportunities and the job market. In a practical and objective way, it will give tips to men and women on the subject of gender equality - demonstrating and discussing how women can boost their careers and how diversity can be a competitive differentiator for organizations and societies to be transformed.

It is a must-see topic for organizations connected to ESG, UN Agenda 2030 and SDG5.

12:20 pm

Marcelo Migale – Itaú Argentina

Defining Technological Strategy In Times Of high Volatility

In the session titled “Defining Technology Strategy in Times of High Volatility,” renowned speaker Marcelo Migale will offer essential insight into how companies can successfully navigate an ever-changing business environment. Marcelo will highlight the critical need to align information technology strategy with overall business strategy, underscoring how this synergy can drive growth and resilience in times of volatility. In addition, he will share the importance of basing this strategy on capabilities to be developed, allowing organizations to adapt agilely to emerging challenges.

During the presentation, a framework designed to guide strategic decision-making in the technological field will be presented and valuable advice on how to implement it effectively will be presented.

This session will provide attendees with a practical snapshot of how to address technology strategy in turbulent times.

12:45 pm

Eduardo Martinez – Raizen


Karine Chaves – Junto Seguros


Renata Fontana – Grupo Arcor

Panel Challenges of Attracting and Retaining Talent in Technology

The intention is to hold a discussion panel on what has been working in companies regarding the attraction and retention of talent in technology in the face of the so-called "Blackout in Technology

01:20 pm

Networking Break


Gustavo Saravia – Univar Solutions

Cyber Security : How to Engage Business Executive Address Cyber Security Challenges

The focus of this session will be to present key Cyber ​​Security issues and how to engage them to help a CIO succeed in implementing a Cyber ​​Security program.


Gerardo Dall'Orso – Adecoagro

Round Table Session: Employee Experience - A Competitive Advantage in Hybrid (Work) Future - Capacity Limited Session

This session will cover: 1. Employee Experience in the New Normal 2. Why Employee Experience Matters 3. Redefining the Role of Technology in the Workplace 4. How IT Can Provide a Pleasant Experience for Employees


Thiago Firmino – L’OCCITANE Group

Innovation in The Company

This presentation will talk about the innovative solution of Integration of the Electronic Patient Record with a Service Order opening platform (tickets)


Event Close & Networking Drinks

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