Ernout van der Waard – Worth Internet Systems

Worth is a specialist digital transformation agency that delivers strategic design and development through a multi-disciplinary, agile and continuous delivery capability. We work with leaders to translate their digital strategy into actionable delivery capability. At Worth we are experts in forming teams with the right skills, culture and technical infrastructure within client organisations. Supporting them to become fast-paced, human-centred digital businesses.

Being at the forefront of business and tech for 20 years, I’ve helped program boards, business leaders and their teams to a successful delivery of mission critical digital solutions for organisations like the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Costa Coffee and the Dutch National Lottery.

I help leaders of organisations to:

✦ Make technology an enabler instead of a constraint

✦ Accelerate their digital delivery capability and increase the quality of their services

✦ Deliver digital experiences that exceed their customers expectations

✦ Increase conversion dramatically

✦ Reduce vendor lock-in and licensing costs by shifting to open

Successful digital organisations are forged by creating a multidisciplinary collaboration between tech, design and business. We create powerful blended, agile teams that work towards a common goal.

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