Yami Hagg – Lactalis Group


Yami Hagg is an IT executive that has global experience, over the last years she traveled around the world implementing different solutions in Americas, Asia, And Europe. She has deep experience in the Consumer Goods, Retail, and Manufacturing world. In her experience, it also included SOX, ITIL, and Best Practices among others. She has managed Merge and Acquisitions from the IT side for Walmart buying company’s around the globe. She is passionate about people leading high-performance teams and people development at all levels.

Case Study - 14:50 pm

1st December 2022

The Future Of Work For The Modern Enterprise

Over the last years, all of us had questioned if we live to work or should we work to live, Yami’s unique perspective about how we should manage our resources in IT and in an organization as a whole provides great invites on how issues like the big resignation or quiet quitting are affecting people and companies and provides insights of improvements and changes we all can make easily to retain and develop talent.