Juan Edgar Martinez Requenes – Organon

Business Technology & Automation Director

IT Director, with 25 years of experience working in the areas of Manufacturing and Marketing; within leading companies in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer industries. I have strong leadership in the execution of projects, through teamwork with different functional areas. Demonstrated experience in the areas of IT and Automation areas fulfilling the service levels requested by the company to world standards.

Case Study

April 2023 Event Agenda

Leadership Attitude across IT functions for enhanced experiece during solutions and functionality delivery to the business.

The Information Technology area increases its participation in business decisions every moment, increasingly it is a fundamental part in the design, implementation and delivery of solutions to the business, this includes, improvements in use to end users in the use of tools seeking to be transparent in the experience. The IT representative must know how to communicate, motivate and enable the business, hence the importance of having leadership skills to make possible the start of solutions, have feedback, and be able to react by enabling and modifying technological solutions, supported by the business and the General Management, this will ensure success in obtaining benefits and return on investment made. None of these skills should be considered available, even having to be measured to know the level of the members of the IT team.