Pedro Del Castillo – Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Senior Digital Enterprise Architect

Happily married and father of 2 wonderful children, one of my passions is digital transformation because, through it, I seek to make our client's lives easier.

CIO Panel Discussion: 10:00 am


CIO Panel Discussion: Building a Culture of Innovation

The mantra in today’s IT organizations is indisputable: build more apps faster. But it’s not easy. IT leaders are recognizing that their teams are shackled by legacy applications, the backlog has become unmanageable, and it’s difficult to remain agile with a growing portfolio of applications.

Key topics we will address with the panel are:

  • Application development priorities in the digital age
  • The evolution of IT automation
  • Where the disruptors are in your organization
  • How to control and exploit low-code for maximum benefit
11:40 am


Digital Disruption The Motivator For Transformative Innovation