Rodrigo Abreu – Lojas Leader

2:50 pm

7th February 2024

IT and Cybersecurity Challenges in a Judicial Recovery Environment

I was challenged to take on the IT Management of a retail company undergoing judicial recovery with the mission of significantly reducing costs, reorganizing the team, motivating and at the same time implementing many projects from the new area managers who took on their roles in the same period as me. In a financially stressful context, budget discussions, which are naturally tough, become brutal. How can you get cybersecurity projects approved in an environment like this? I must obtain financing by my own means, through agreements and projects carefully designed between You and the Board. IT can propose structural change projects that require very little or no investment, but will provide significantly greater savings and negotiate at the outset that part of the annual savings will be reinvested to enable a necessary cybersecurity project or improvements. In this way, the path of cybersecurity is being followed.
7:15 pm

7th February 2024

CIO Edge Brasil Closing Panel Debate- The New CIO Mandate in an Increasingly Volatile Business Environment

Future CIOs must go beyond their usual focus on operational efficiency – they need to help businesses cope with macro challenges like geopolitical instabilities, new supply and energy disruptions, and significant economic uncertainties. They must also be critical execution leaders as lines of business and operational teams struggle with micro-challenges like changing client expectations and significant price instabilities in raw materials and labor