Marcilio Oliveira – Sensedia

Co-Founder | Chief of Growth

Marcilio is one of the greatest specialists in APIs in Brazil. He graduated from Universidade Federal de Viçosa and has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Unicamp. CRO/COO and Co-Founder of Sensedia, which helps the largest companies to overcome the most diverse challenges to implement increasingly digital and integrated businesses through APIs. He is also an associate professor at Unicamp's Innovation Institute and at UNIBTA's graduate program.

2:20 pm

7th February 2024

Integrated and Composable Businesses. - AI, Finance, Retail. Enabling Digital Journeys With APIs

Embedded business appears in different segments, such as Retail, Finance, and is now gaining new dimensions with the use of AI, which has been safely unlocking data, enabling a more digital architecture. In addition to integrating, it creates real and scalable connections, monitorable and directly aligned with the business. In this talk we will bring stories of companies that use complete platforms to enable their digital positioning and solve much more than integrations.