Marcel Vitorino – Continental

Head Of Digital Transformation

I am a professional with over fifteen years of experience, with innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Graduated in Business Administration, one MBA in Marketing and Innovation and another in Digital Business, I held various positions as Analyst, Systems Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager and Sales Intelligence Manager.
I have international experience in multinational FMCG and national consulting, having worked in the areas of Sales, Trade, Marketing and Information Technology. I was responsible for the implementation of projects in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Extensive experience in sales and market intelligence, strategic planning, business model and Go-To-Market strategy, P&L management, distribution, sales efficiency, brand and category management, pricing strategy, consumer understanding, portfolio strategy and product life cycle. Focus on sales growth, cost reduction, profits maximization and participation in different markets, categories and channels. Strong skills in customer relationship and C-Level, leading high performance teams, having led multifunctional and multicultural teams, always focusing on inspiring professionals to be motivated in pursuit of their goals.


6:15 pm

7th February 2024

Exceeding results through Business Analytics and Actionable Insights

In this session we will talk about the Information Cycle, from Raw Data to Insight, and how to use Business Analytics to manage more assertively, generate added value, both for internal and external teams, as well as discuss the concept of Actionable Insights and how they positively impact resource optimization and maximizing results.