Julio Signorini – CASA/SP Foundation


Julio Signorini has held the position of CIO (Executive Director of IT) at Fundação CASA/SP for 4 years, being responsible for the development and implementation of all Information and Communication Technology projects. The executive, who has also served as a CISO, has as his motto that continuous digital transformation processes must be public policies to achieve the institution's objectives, he also understands that innovations can play and leverage a strategic role in the core of the business. Signorini has a degree in Information Systems, a Specialist in Networks, MBAs in Project Management and IT; Big Data, and Strategic Management of Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property.

3:40 pm

7th February 2024

Digital Transformation (DT) as a pillar of the execution of Public Policies

How DT has played a crucial role in the improvement and effectiveness of the application of Public Policies for the implementation of socio-educational measures for adolescents in the state of São Paulo (Fundação CASA/SP)