Silvio Mattedi – CDL/BH


Experienced IT executive with supervisory background. Responsible for all planning, analysis, development and management of the information technology area, working directly on change management within the company for digitalization processes, in addition to working on internal control, governance, information security and security assurance projects. availability (Disaster Recovery, backup, LGPD, AWS, etc...) of the entire IT and telecommunications infrastructure for all business units (6 companies). Working in the management and implementation of new processes for all BackOffice and HR sectors, aiming to assist in the human growth of those involved in these company processes and organizational processes, being a support, transformation and cost reduction cell. Implementation of major tools such as CMMS EAM Infor, Oracle Cloud, Totvs RM, Software Expert among others.

3 : 45 pm BRT

Thuesday MAY 2020 EVENT

Dubai Room - Data Track - Good Practices in Information Security to adapt to the LGPD

The session will address best practices in Information Security and Privacy, presenting minimum technical security standards for micro and small companies. ANPD guidelines, good market practices, the experience of European data protection authorities and some relevant data on the subject will be presented.