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Developed my career in the area of IT, Innovation (Systems/ Infrastructure/ Telecom/ Governance/ Information Security), and Project Management (PMO) in national and multinational companies. High expertise in defining models for corporate governance and information technology master plan. Graduated in Information Systems, with Post-Graduation in Communication and Project Management. Specialties: Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Information Security, DevOps, Change/Problem/Incident Management, IT Outsourcing, Audit, Compliance, Service Delivery, Contract Management, and IT Budget Management, Specialist in B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms and tools. Entrepreneur in the furniture industry and online sales through e-commerce and marketplaces, as well as the creator of the Blog #conectadodemais. Happy father and husband.
5:45 pm

7th February 2024

How Can Technology Simplify The Retail Business In Brazil?

The use of fancy tech is making things easier in the Brazilian retail scene. Cool solutions like cash register systems, inventory apps, and online shopping platforms are smoothing out the day-to-day and boosting how things run. Automation and digging into the data are key to figuring out what customers are into, letting stores do custom marketing, and keeping their shelves stocked smartly. Mobile payments and no-touch transactions are in sync with how people like to shop nowadays, making things quick and easy at checkout. Bringing in artificial intelligence and machine learning tech is helping stores predict what customers want even better. Having a strong online presence and plugging into the online shopping scene is broadening stores' reach, connecting them with a bigger crowd. Long story short, tech's smart moves are making retail life in Brazil simpler, pushing growth, and keeping things competitive.