Oscar Roberto Wolf – Procter & Gamble


Oscar Wolf is an Electronics Engineer, member of PMI and expert collaborator in Program and Project Management. among others with various roles from Director of Operations, Technology, PMO, Director of Software Development Programs, PM Sr, R+D, with a varied cultural approach and experience in multiple frameworks and methodologies has become an interesting business strategist and speaker at International Congresses and Events. Based in Argentina and with experience in Latin America, with 25 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT. He has worked in global companies such as NEC, EMBRATEL, TELMEX, ACCENTURE, GOOGLE, ALCATEL-LUCENT, ORACLE

09:30 am

WEDNESDAY Confirmed Agenda

Effective Management With Innovation From The Technical Areas Through Our Team

How to include a process like innovation as part of our DNA, how to use People-CMM to boost this process and how to combine powerfull sinergies with innovation to saw the seed of innovation in our teams.?